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Vent-O-Mat Sizing Programme

Register and download the Vent-O-Mat Sizing Program

Vent-O-Mat unveils an intuitive Windows software interface, complemented by its state-of-the-art pipeline engineering design tools.

This program has been developed in conjunction with reputable academics in the field of pipeline design, to produce a product that effectively marries practical experience and empirical research with solid and fundamental engineering principles. The results are:

CATT (Controlled Air Transfer Technology) Air Valve Sizing Program The CATT Sizing Program allows engineers to size and position air valves for any pipeline material and/or diameter and for both pumping and gravity mains. Pipeline profiles can be imported from spreadsheets and the results of studies can be exported to other programs.

Additional features are the economic assessment of effective pipeline de-aeration, automatically taking into account pumping costs and loss of flow due to insufficient de-aeration.

By registering on the site you will be able to:

  • Download Latest Software add-ons to the basic Vent-O-Mat Utility Program.
  • Vent-O-Mat Download registered users can now download the complete version 4.2.2.
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