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The Unique defence against pipe bursts and pipeline system damage!

Has all the functions of a standard Double Acting air valve with the addition of an “Anti-Shock” Feature, Sometimes referred to as a Triple Acting Air Valve or Three stage Air valve.

Vent-O-Mat Series RBXC has evolved from RBX range of valves The basis of the RBXc is that it contains all the elements of the Vent-O-Mat RBX design In a Cast Ductile Iron Body for markets which prefer this format to the standard fabricated design it is as per the RBX designed in the understanding of the physical laws that govern air valve and pipeline operation. Reaction to pipeline dynamics is therefore instantaneous and protection provided is relevant to the pipeline’s needs.

Key Features

Advantages of Vent-O-Mat RBXc “Anti-Shock” Air Release & Vacuum Break Valves Are:

Automatic Surge Protection
The unique Series RBX valve incorpates as standard, three design features to automatically protect a pipeline, under all pipeline operating conditions, from the destructive surge and water hammer phenomena. These features are independent of any mechanical devices ensuring reaction in a very low milli second time span.

Effective Air Release
The RBX design ensures effective de-aeration under all pipeline flow and operating conditions, via either one of three discharge orifices.

Vacuum Protection
The RBX series large orifice diameters equal the normal size of the valve. This ensures the least possible resistance to the intake of air and consequently the least possible negative pressure within a draining pipeline.

Guaranteed Performance
The RBX has been designed and developed to provide the optimum usable and safe performance relative to all functions. Selection data has been substantiated through third party testing and can therefore be confidently referenced.

VENT-O-MAT Series RBXc “Anti-Shock” Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves are available in nominal sizes of DN25 (1″) to DN300 (12″) and for maximum operating pressures of PN16 (232psi) and PN25 (363psi). Valves are available in stainless steel or aluminium bronze on request.


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