SKG Large Bore

A low maintenance product with field replaceable heavy-duty sleeves and gate

The SKG LB is a bi-directional valve with a packingless design. The range is offered with a variety of actuators (electrical, manual, hydraulic and pneumatic) to supply customers with a wide variety of options to fulfil their needs.

Key Features

  • Cover plate design consists of two cover plates that enclose the gate, spindle and clevis. Light weight for easy removal upon servicing.
  • The wiper blade is easy, replaceable to prevent outside contaminants from getting inside the valve and to maintain internal lubricants.
  • Steel proximity to prevent damage during transport and operation.
  • Heavy duty frame to handle higher thrust associated with Large Bore installations.
  • Standard open and closed indicators
  • Standard gate material is 316L for 90PSI/6, Bar pressure rating with SAF2205 as an additional option for 150PS/10 bar pressure rating.
  • Open support for ease of maneuvering valve during installation
  • Spindle cover to protect the spindle against slurry splatter
  • Actuators are pneumatic, electric, hydraulic
  • Standard retainer flange LB sizes 28” (DN700) to 48” (DN1200)
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