A Type

A low maintenance product with field replaceable heavy-duty diaphragm

The Saunders A Type valve has been developed to handle more fluids and gasses than any other valve. With a wide choice of materials, methods of operation and body end connections, the Saunders pocketless A type diaphragm valves meet the needs of most industrial applications. Extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use, combined with an essentially simple design, result in low maintenance for minimum running costs.

Key Features

  • Pocketless design for contamination free performance and smooth flow characteristics
  • Valve usable in any position and is self-draining at a horizontal plane 15° angle
  • Immediate indication of open\close position.
  • Leak tight by design
  • Low open and close torques
  • Bonnet assembly lubricated for long life
  • Three part design: Bonnet, diaphragm and body means the diaphragm is replaced with the body in the pipeline
  • Padlocking to prevent expensive interference
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