Insamcor LW

INSAMCOR products designed & developed for harsh, abrasive & corrosive environments

DFC’s Purpose is to solve typical and perennial valve problems. We achieve this by proving quality valves that provide the lowest cost of ownership and operation, highest reliability and minimum lifetime maintenance.

DFC’s Insamcor range of lugged wafer ductile iron & stainless steel bi-directional knife gate valves feature a unique moulded body seal without seat pockets or cavities providing trouble free operation in slurry applications.

Cast iron or stainless steel body, either FBE coated or soft rubber Lined for the cast iron option with an added option for wear cones

Stainless steel body with PTFE sealing

Optional actuation: hand wheel, manual gearbox, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric

Optional accessories: proximity switches, solenoid valve, junction box and positioner


And Key Features

  • Mechanically retained moulded body seal
  • Gate guided through full length of the stroke
  • Self-cleaning flush out corners prevent deposit build-up in sealing area
  • Full bore unrestricted flow area – no seat pockets or cavities
  • Bi-directional leak-proof sealing
  • 150 psi CWP (10 bar) pressure rating for all sizes
  • Adjustable stuffing box and gland design ensures leak-proof sealing to atmosphere
  • Secondary transverse seal increases the wear life of the primary seal
  • Built in PTFE scrapers keep the blade free from any foreign matter over the whole width of the blade during operation.
  • Yoke design allows for easy mounting of proximity and limit switches and also includes lockouts in both the open and closed position
  • The mounting plate is designed to accept manual, pneumatic or electric actuation
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