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Wedge Gate Valves

Wedge Gate Valves

Strong, dependable, and specifically designed.

Metal seated wedge gate valve manufactured to SABS 664 & 665 standards suitable for isolation and scouring purposes. These valves can be used in the waterworks, mining, power, agriculture, marine and general industries.

  • Size range: DN80 to DN1200
  • Pressure ratings: D Series: PN10, PN16 and PN25; F Series: TP1500, TP3500, TP5000, TP7000 and TP8500
  • Bonnet arrangement: Rising spindle or non-rising spindle
  • Castings materials: Ductile iron for all D Series and F Series up to TP3500 and Cast Steel for F Series from TP5000 and up.


  • For horizontal installations the valves are equipped with channel guides and gate shoes
  • For high pipeline velocities the seats can be pinned or welded
  • Full bore with low headloss characteristics
  • Adjustable gland packing

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