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RSV Gate Valves

RSV Gate Valves

Superior valves for optimal and dynamic performance.

The VOSA Resilient Valve (RSV) is a double flanged resilient seal type valve with a non-rising spindle. The valve body is designed to have a straight unobstructed flow passage and inclined seats to eliminate deposits from forming inside the valve body.

The VOSA Resilient Seal Valve is manufactured in accordance with SANS 664 and SANS  191.


  • A triple O ring design on the handwheel side to prevent any media from passing to the atmosphere. The O rings are made of rubber, embedded in non-corrosive material.
  • A Thrust Bush and Washer made of polyoxymethylene/ Acetal material guarantees smooth spindle operation.
  • A bonnet seal is placed between the body and bonnet to prevent any media from passing to the atmosphere.
  • A gate guide of wear resistant Nylon with low friction coefficient to use to guarantee lowest wear and tear as well as low closing torques.

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