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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Durable, dependable solutions built for maximum efficiency.

The VOSA double eccentric butterfly valve are designed for installation in the water supply system to enable isolation of water lines and come standard with flanged end connections.  The standard valve incorporates a rubber seal ring retained on the valve disc and is manufactured using EPDM rubber that is approved for household drinking water.

All valves are manufactured and designed in accordance with the SANS 1849 and BS EN 593 standards. The valves are suitable for bi0directional with a preferred flow direction indicted on the body.


  • A triple o-ring design on the valve drive end shaft prevent any media from passing into the gear box or to atmosphere.
  • A static o-ring on the end cover prevents the ingress of dust and dirt from entering the valve on the free end area.
  • A double o-ring design on the free end shaft prevents any media from passing into the free end area.
  • The valve utilises a seal on disc with design with a replaceable EPDM seal ring and stainless-steel retainer ring to ensure no nodular growth in the seating area as this constantly in the fluid flow path. The seal retainer ring and the disc itself is manufactures from stainless steel corrosive resistant material. VOSA butterfly valves are supplied with a 304-stainless steel weld deposit seat for better corrosion resistance
  • An adjustable set screw enables precise adjustment of the tilt. The support of this set screw is integrally casted to ensure no movement of screw is possible through fluid flow and surges.

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