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RGX for Sewage & Effluent


Cutting-edge air valve solutions that deliver optimum functionality.


An operating concept proven unsurpassed for air/gas release, vacuum protection and surge alleviation

Conventional sewage air valves are presented with major functional problems when operating on sewage and effluent pipelines transporting solids and other vicious substances. In fact, solids fats and oils quickly act to jam up standard air valves and render them useless, consequently unhygienic leaks threaten health and the ecosystem.

VENT-O-MAT Series RGX sewage air valves are a unique operating concept that has proven unsurpassed for air/gas release, vacuum protection and surge alleviation.

The Series RGX valve is maintenance free and constructed in corrosion and erosion resistant materials for dependable and lasting pipeline protection.

Vent-O-Mat Series RBXC has evolved from RBX range of valves The basis of the RBXc is that it contains all the elements of the Vent-O-Mat RBX design In a Cast Ductile Iron Body for markets which prefer this format to the standard fabricated design it is as per the RBX designed in the understanding of the physical laws that govern air valve and pipeline operation. Reaction to pipeline dynamics is therefore instantaneous and protection provided is relevant to the pipeline’s needs.


Advantages of Vent-O-Mat RGX “Anti-surge” Air Release & Vacuum Break Valves Are:

Vacuum Protection
Large orifice diameters equal the nominal size of the valve to ensure the least possible resistance to the intake of air and consequently the least possible negative pressure within a draining pipeline.

Discharge Performance
Effective pipeline de-aeration is ensured, regardless of pipeline flow conditions, via either of the 2 discharge orifices.

All selection data has been substantiated by third party testing and can therefore be confidently referenced.

Surge Protection
VENT-O-MAT Series RGX is supplied as standard with an integral surge alleviating device to automatically dampen surge pressures in pipelines.

VENT-O-MAT series RGX economically offers high quality construction and materials for a sewage air valve.

VENT-O-MAT Series RGX “Anti-Surge” Sewage Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves are available in nominal sizes of DN25 (1″) to DN300 (12″) and for maximum operating pressure of PN20 (300psi)

Vent-O-Mat Product Range