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Slurry Air Release Valve


Vent-O-Mat Air Valves is the world leader in air valve technology and have been manufacturing air valves since the 1980’s. Vent-O-mat’s approach to air valves and anti-shock technology revolutionised the way people think and use air valves today. Vent-O-Mat produces Air valves for Potable water, sewage, slurry and irrigation. Vent-O-Mat also has specialised solutions for unique pipeline problems and situations.

The VENT-O-MAT SAV automatically exhaust large volumes of air for a filling pipeline through the large orifice of the valve. When the slurry reaches a critical velocity the anti-shock float will pop up to create back pressure to reduce any potential pressure surges. The valve closes as slurry enters the valve to lift the closing float. Upon vacuum the valve will automatically open to pull air back into the pipeline to prevent the pipeline from collapsing under vacuum.

New slurry air valve can automatically exhaust large volumes of air for a filling slurry pipeline through the large orifice of the valve and admit air during emptying of the pipeline. The valve’s rated operating pressure of 100bar.

The valve does not have an anti-shock small orifice to eliminate clogging compared to the standard water and sewerage air valves.