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SKG High Pressure Slurry Knife Gate Valves

Featuring heavy-duty sleeves and gate for long-lasting, low-maintenance operation in tough environments.

The SKG-HP range of high-pressure knife gate valves features a packingless design, replaceable elastomer sleeves and is enclosed for severe slurry applications.


  • 740 psi CWP (51 bar) pressure rating for all sizes
  • Bi-directional flow and shut-off resulting in zero downstream leakage
  • No metal parts in contact with the flowing media when the valve is in the fully open position
  • No seat cavity for unwanted solids to build-up and prevent full gate closure
  • Field replaceable heavy-duty elastomer sleeves
  • Suitable for wet or dry service
  • A heavy-duty frame design which consists of two cover plates that fully enclose the gate, spindle and clevis. The cover plates protect these components from slurry splatter that can harden and affect the operation of the valve. The cover plates are lightweight for easy removal upon servicing and maintenance. The cover plates allow for easy mounting of proximity switch sizes. Proximity switches are protected by robust covers to prevent damage during transport and operation.
  • Standard open and closed indicators
  • Standard provision for lockouts in the open and closed position.
  • The top bracket is designed to accept manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuation for easy conversion in the field.

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