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KB Type

KB Type

A low maintenance product with field replaceable heavy-duty diaphragms

With a wide choice of materials, methods of operation and body end connections, the Saunders straight through KB type diaphragm valves meet the needs of most industrial applications. Extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use, combined with essential simple design, result in low maintenance for minimum running costs. The Saunders KB Type diaphragm valves (DN15-DN350) positively benefit your bank balance with a unique range of features


  • Straight through body, high flow, low pressure drop
  • Low maintenance
  • Rising handwheel indicator (optional)
  • Immediate indication of open/close position
  • Leak tight by design
  • Flexible closure een with solids present
  • Only body and diaphragm are in contact with the media
  • Specially developed linings and diaphragms available
  • Indicator sleeve (lubrication reservoir)
  • Rolled thread spindle
  • More compact than the previous model
  • Better resistance to corrosion / abrasion due to sealed bonnet
  • Weighs less for easy handling
  • Space saver for difficult installations
  • Lower open and closing torques

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