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Insamcor RF

Insamcor RF

World Class Performance in Abrasive, Scaling and Corrosive Slurries, Sludge, Liquids, and Bulk Solids

DFC’S purpose is to solve typical and perennial valve problems. We achieve this by providing quality valves that provide the lowest cost of ownership and operation, highest reliability and minimum lifetime maintenance.

DFC’s Insamcor range of high pressure ductile iron mono flanged knife gate valves feature a unique moulded body seal including both transverse and stuffing box sealing to atmosphere. The moulded seal ensures no seat pockets or cavities providing trouble free operation in high pressure applications.


With a proven reputation of more than 25 years, Insamcor knife gate valves are well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications.

DFC has one of the largest installed bases of mineral processing valves in the world and manufacturing facilities in South Africa, Finland and the USA.


Different gate materials available on request

Manual, manual bevel gear, pneumatic,
electromechanical, hydraulic and lever

Deflector Cones
Replaceable Ni-hard wear cone


  • 230psi CWP (10 bar) pressure rating for all sizes

  • Mechanically retained moulded body seal

  • Combination transverse seal and adjustable stuffing box and gland design ensures leak-proof sealing to atmosphere and allows maintenance and seal re-packing under full line pressure

  • Gate guided through full length of the stroke

  • Self-cleaning flush out corners prevent deposit build-up in sealing area

  • Full bore unrestricted flow area – no seat pockets or cavities

  • Bi-directional leak-proof sealing

  • Built in PTFE scrapers keep the blade free from any foreign matter over the whole width of the blade during operation

  • Pillar design allows for easy mounting of proximity and limit switches.

  • The mounting plate is designed to accept manual, pneumatic or electric actuation


Insamcor Product Range