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Insamcor PB

Insamcor Ported Blade Knife Gate Valves

World Class Performance in Abrasive, Scaling and Corrosive Slurries, Sludge, Liquids, and Bulk Solids

DFC’S Insamcor range of ported blade knife gate valves features replaceable elastomer sleeves and a ported blade that enables large-size particles to be drawn into the valve body and then flushed.


  • 150 psi CWP (10 bar) pressure rating for all sizes
  • Bi-directional flow and shut-off resulting in zero downstream leakage
  • No seat cavity for unwanted solids to build-up and prevent full gate closure
  • Field replaceable heavy duty elastomer sleeves
  • Ported blade is always in contact with the replaceable sleeves on both sides
  • Suitable for wet or dry service
  • Capable of drawing granular dense slurries of size similar to the blade thickness through the seals and flushed out of the valve
  • Ported blade bottom door extension with increased clearance and flushing points allows medium to be dumped or drained
  • Standard bellows provide additional protection for the spindle against scoring from abrasive particles
  • The mounting plate is designed to accept manual, pneumatic or electric actuation for easy conversion in the field

Insamcor Product Range