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Truflo Pinch Valves

Truflo Pinch Valve

High-pressure control across diverse industries and applications.

The Truflo Pinch valve is specifically designed to replace diaphragm valves and has the same face to face dimension. It outperforms and outlasts diaphragm valves and is environmentally more efficient than diaphragm valves. The 100% full port design eliminates any dead spots or crevices and the valve is an extension to the pipe in the fully open position, with no turbulence and no head loss.

The self- cleaning flexing action of the sleeve eliminates inline scaling and blockages. All mechanical parts are completely isolated from the medium. The valve has only five major components, making it easy to use, easy to maintain and it is extremely fitter friendly. The valve, like all Atval pinch valves, is bi-directional and offers drop tight shut off across the full pressure range.

Full pressure rating is maintained throughout the size range, i.e. it does not decrease in the larger valve sizes however, mechanical assistance may be necessary for sizes 200mm and above. Please consult the factory as this is factory related.


  • Straight line flow, no cavities
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain, fitter friendly
  • Self-cleaning flexing action sleeve eliminates in line scaling and line blockage
  • Sizes 25mm to 300mm. Normal CWP 1000Kpa.
  • Sleeves available in a wide range of polymers and trims to meet exact service and flow specifications
  • Drop tight bi-directional shut off
  • All types of actuators can be fitted
  • All mechanical parts completely isolated from pipe line medium
  • Field service replaceable sleeve extends in line service and lowers maintenance costs

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