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C-Series Pinch Valves

C-Series Pinch Valve

Tough-built valves for high-pressure environments.

The Atval C-series valve has a specially designed sleeve that is fitted to the valve and is the only moving part. This makes the valve a low-maintenance product and allows for easy exchange of sleeves.


  • Fast and simple servicing
  • Full bore, full flow conditions
  • Sleeves specially manufactured for product
  • Will not clog
  • Bodies available in cast iron or aluminium
  • Applications enhanced using pressure or volume boosters
  • Partial sizes
  • Inexpensive automatic control
  • Reduced pipeline vibration and water hammer
  • Full close around relatively large
  • Pressure drop across the valve should not exceed 25%
  • Changing the pressure or the closing medium can open, throttle or close the valve as required

Atval Pinch Valves Product Range