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Pinch Valves

Pinch Valves

Valves developed for high-pressure superiority.

he Atval technology is developed in South Africa in conjunction with the local mining industry, which requires valves to handle slurries at higher pressures than anywhere else in the world. The pinch valve is an ideal product for this application because of its full-unrestricted flow pattern and the use of gum rubber as an abrasion resistant closing membrane.

The product range is from 25mm to 1000mm with working pressure in the range of 10bar to 60bar (Class 150 – Class 900).

The temperature range is -20° to +120° centigrade.

Atval offer a comprehensive range of valves which is purposely designed for:

  • Low – and high pressure applications
  • Fluid and powder metering and flow control
  • Abrasive transport systems

Atval Pinch Valves Product Range