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Building Engineering Excellence: The Boka Rea Investments and DFC Success Story 

Boka Rea Investments Head Office, Polokwane

In the dynamic landscape of engineering, Boka Rea Investments stands out as a beacon of success, driven by a strategic partnership with Dynamic Fluid Control (DFC). Founded in July 2020 by the experienced mechanical and electrical engineer, Thopetsi Moraba, Boka Rea Investments has thrived in providing engineering solutions, focusing particularly on the valve supply chain. 

Background and Inception 

With over 23 years of engineering experience, including 12 years in mining, Moraba established Boka Rea Investments to offer solutions in engineering spares and equipment, emphasizing valves. The inspiration behind their venture was a deep understanding of the critical role valves play in pumping systems, fueling their commitment to expert valve selection, application, and maintenance. 

Partnership with DFC 

In 2020, Boka Rea Investments initiated a pivotal collaboration with DFC, becoming an official Channel Partner. DFC’s extensive valve experience in water and mining industries, coupled with their ability to design and manufacture customized solutions, made them the perfect ally for Boka Rea Investments. This partnership not only facilitated compliance with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) but also provided crucial support, including interest-free loans and favorable payment terms, contributing to Boka Rea Investments’ stability and operational growth. 


Thopetsi Moraba (Founder of Boka Rea Investments), Belinda Rossouw (DFC SAMEA Sales Executive) and Vinoliah Makhananesa (Boka Rea Investments Branch Coordinator) during a final inspection of the Atval pinch valve.

Milestones Achieved 

Through the DFC partnership, Boka Rea Investments achieved notable milestones, including the successful delivery of an 800mm diameter valve with an electric actuator for a water board. DFC’s expertise in sizing, designing, and manufacturing played a crucial role in turning theoretical solutions into tangible practical results, solidifying Boka Rea Investments’ reputation for delivering superior-quality products and services. 

Growth and Expansion 

Since partnering with DFC, Boka Rea Investments has experienced substantial growth, with an annual turnover soaring from R344,521.00 in July 2021 to +R7M in July 2023. DFC’s favorable payment terms empowered Boka Rea Investments to operate with higher financial commitments, facilitating expansion into the mining industry and water boards, further establishing their market presence. 


Atval pinch valves headed to a tailings dam for a PGM concentrator.


Training and Development 

DFC has been instrumental in enhancing the skills of Boka Rea Investments’ team through technical training. This empowerment has allowed them to offer valuable advice to clients, especially in new projects and problem-solving sessions. Practical onsite training by DFC’s technical team has guided Boka Rea Investments in conducting successful plant technical audits. 

Success Stories and Challenges Overcome 

DFC’s support played a pivotal role in successful projects, such as the completion of a 20 pinch valves project within seven weeks, showcasing Boka Rea Investments’ ability to exceed expectations. Challenges, including cash flow obstacles in the early stages, were overcome with DFC’s support as an Enterprise Development beneficiary, providing favorable payment terms and interest-free loans. 

DFC’s Unique Contribution 

DFC’s impact on BEE, QSE, and EME businesses stands out, with a belief in Boka Rea Investments’ potential, technical training, financial assistance, and strategies for customer service and retention. The partnership has opened doors to local and international markets, reflecting DFC’s commitment to fostering success. 

Future Aspirations 

Looking ahead, Boka Rea Investments envisions becoming an investment-grade company with an annual turnover of R100M in the next 5 to 10 years. While adding new products and services, they consider DFC their main key partner, leveraging expertise for feasibility studies and design stages during continued growth. 


The partnership between Boka Rea Investments and DFC has been transformative, fostering success, growth, and customer satisfaction. Boka Rea Investments, driven by their commitment to engineering excellence, and supported by DFC’s expertise, is poised for a future of expansion and innovation. As they move forward, Boka Rea Investments remains confident in DFC as their trusted partner, a testament to shared values and mutual recognition of each other’s potential.