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32 Lincoln Road,
Benoni Industrial Sites,
Benoni South
South Africa

About DFC

Our Company

Since our modest beginnings in 1947, DFC has evolved into a world-class valve manufacturer with a unique distinction — we are proudly South African and Black-owned. We take great pride in our role as a staunch advocate of local content manufacturing, actively fostering economic growth within our communities.

At DFC, our identity blends the essence of South Africa with a global perspective. Our engineering and innovation prowess draws strength from a diverse pool of talent across our wholly owned international operations in South Africa, the USA, Finland, Brazil, and Australia.

DFC’s state-of-the-art facilities now encompass a comprehensive range of machining capabilities, spanning from traditional methods such as drilling, turning, and milling, to cutting-edge CNC turning and machining centers, multi-spindle transfer and specialized machines, as well as rubber mixing, compression, and injection molding. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility in manufacturing and engineering.


The Vision is Supported by our focus areas

DFC strives to be a global, world-class manufacturer and supplier of valves in the water, effluent and mineral processing industries.

Over 72 years of experience and knowledge, achieving international
standards with our industry leading product range.


A trusted partner to our customers in delivering the best valve solutions.